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It was with great anticipation that Dan Sauer and Wenonah Madison, of Aquinnah, finally opened the doors of 7a Foods in West Tisbury last week.

The opening was met with lots of support and appetites. Excited murmurings, “this place is awesome,” and “this is my second time here today!” filled the air as patrons enjoyed breakfast and lunch sandwiches on the benches outside and summed up their first 7a experience to one another.

Inside, guests huddled by the pastry counter, sneaking a peek into the kitchen. Friends and well-wishers tried to catch a glimpse of the chef, Mr. Sauer, who was quite busy, making nearly 500 sandwiches on his first day.

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Daniel Sauer, Chef/Farmer  |  Wenonah Madison Sauer, Events Coordinator   

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